Pre-Alpha Download

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right now everything is in pre-alpha stage. that is pre-release state. at first i was going to have each user host their own web-server, host their own proxy-server, and connect to their own proxy-server with an IRC client. but this takes up too much RAM for most people. if you want to use MG-Script then you must use Adiirc (free) or mIRC (costs: $20) clients. right now the proxy-server may be downloaded from click the Code button then click Download ZIP. Extract the files to your Home folder, or Documents folder.

run the command prompt and navigate to your extracted files. type install.bat, after type runproxy.bat to run the App.

download Machine-Gun script from

load the mIRC-Load_This_in_Remotes-INSTALL.mrc file, located in the root of the folder, in to your Adiirc/mIRC client. right click in the Status-Windows and Channel-Windows, etc. to see what features will be available in the proxy-server with or with-out the script. keep in mind that the script is not finished and not all features have been added to the menus; and the menus even with their limited display are not finished. the status-windows have the most of the popup menu features to see.