Welcome to the home of Machine Gun msl script named Bauderr and Trio-ircproxy.py walker byte-code. I am hosting the download of two applications in one zip. The first is an mIRC script, Machine Gun, which works in your mIRC and Adiirc IRC clients. Adiirc is free and mIRC costs $20 USD, I highly recommend mIRC. However, if you cannot afford mIRC then just use Adiirc. And the second app is Trio-ircproxy.py which is an proxy server for any IRC client. You run the proxy server on your computer then connect to it with all your irc clients by configuring every irc client to use your proxy server by entering your own IP and port 4321 UserName and password is "user" and "pass" respectively.

You do not need to configure port forwarding to use the proxy server within your local internet. If you want to use your proxy server away from your home then you must configure your port fowarding to your IP address and set your router (switch) to assign your MAC address an permanent IP address. Look on the switch for a sticker with login details and web-browse to the url.

To get the latest version of Bauderr script and Trio-ircproxy.py visit the downloads page.

If you have any issues with the usage, installation, configuration, or download of Bauderr script, Trio-ircproxy.py or this website please write an issue at GitHub Issues you may also email ashburry_undernet@outlook.com and chat with us live in room number #5ioE on UnderNet servers.