The Casino Gifts and Prizes List

House-hold Safe: $2.65 CAD  - Peak at prizes* you can earn!

Your Banker* - You have to Log-in to play-in. You have unknown money amount to spend on gifts.
You have 9 hidden pages left to visit before unlocking these 2 secret games.

AAAA Quadrupal A selection of buds: Shipped direct from home.

1/4 ounce Canabis - $30

Buy 1/4 ounce canabis buds - $30

Single ounce Canabis - $100

Buy single ounce canabis buds - $100

Canabis Infused Gummy Worms - $5 each

Buy Candies - $5 each

Illicit Drugs - Tested Every Sunday, at-least one Sunday.

I am a Licensed Provider, and have been accepted since the age of 3 years-old to sell Crystal-Meth, Fyntenol, Canabis, cocain powder, cocain rock, and thats all that I remember. I have a Masters and Grade 10 and a half, and a phd in the field of street drugs and another one for serial killers; at-that-time (which is very difficult to get).

The drug Crystal-Meth is carefully crafted using only high-grade ingredients and is completely safe, however it has a 2 month withdrawl period with a painful kick in nut (worse?) at the end of your 3rd month. So, make sure you use it only on Wednesdays (1/4 gram only) for your first 4 months of quitting for a relaxed and empowering feelings, facing the world forever with a new and improved brain chemistry: By damaging 3 special parts of brain which function only when damaged. If you think you need something to step up your game quitting this drug might be your best and cheapest way to go. If you only have 2 points left save it until the start of the fourth month when the hell kicks in, if it does. If it doesn't then flush the side bag after 5 months. You will feel so great you will have no problem smoking it or flushing it. I am trying to get some Temple Kung-Fu crystal-meth which has martial-arts genes to turn you in to an instant fighter with a small sniff, does no damage to the brain and is not addictive. And Fun too!

(2x 8-ball) 1/4th ounce (7 grams) Crystal Meth - $200

Buy 1/4 Meth - $200 CAD

Single ounce (30 grams) Crystal Meth - $500

Buy ounce Meth - $500 CAD

Warning: The drug fyntenal will kill you if you have never done it before.
Carefully crafted by a knowledgable staff and tested for potency and harmful additives every Sunday.

1/8 Fyntenal - $200

Buy 1/8 Fyntenol - $200 CAD

Single ounce Fyntenol - $750.00 CAD

Buy ounce fyntenol - $750.00 CAD

I usually buy all the 3-point scales from the store, like everyone else, with a few 2-point scales. Then, I need to wait for the store to reload on 3-point scales. They move quick and usually cost $50 or more.
Buy Scale - $25.00 CAD

Prizes available:

$1 dollar x 200 prizes

$5 x 20 prizes available

$10 x 2 prizes available

$20 x 5 prizes available

$50 x 1 prizes available

$100 x 1 prizes available

Total: $570 to spend on gifts listed above. 229 prizes are counted. More prizes added every month. More deverse gift selection added every month. Play the FloxGlove - Dine-out or Shud-up to win prize money.

The app takes 3 samples and picks a random prize of the 3 samples, unless your first sample is $1 dollar then your prize is $1 dollar, etc.. Only if it is your first pick from the sample prizes. This depletes the $1 prizes making room for the larger prizes amounts.

Only money that has ben lost to the house is picked up and used to add money prizes which you spend on gifts here and I make a small profit from those gift sales. This is the first casino in the world-wide-web to have such a diversity of gifts on the rack.