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o  home
- you are here now.

o  Code of Conduct
- i require that you behave as outlined in the code-of-conduct while using this web-server and applications (proxy/vhost server and MG script).

- copyright notice for all content, including this web-server, and applications available from this web-server.

o  XDCC search
- get movies, television, applications, games, ebooks, audio, animation.

o  Bounce servers
- view login details for your bounce servers.

o  Admin Stage
- Administration settings, user access change.

o  Bounce Scripts
- Turn scripts on/off, execute scripts and receive reply in web browser.

o  MG mSL script and Vhost/web server
- download this complete application and documentation; compatible with Windows 7+, Linux, MacOS running Python 3.8+.

contact the author, by email, at - for any concerns and questions regarding the Python apps, mSL script, documentation, web-server, irc channel and its guests and administrators -- and if you would like to help with the project and its irc channel.